Yoga at Sea

The Jam Cruise Yoga At Sea program has grown to become not only a fan favorite but also an integral part of the experience for casual and dedicated yoga practicers alike. Featuring multiple classes daily right onboard the ship, the program provides guests an avenue to maintain and increase their health, well-being, and mental state through a variety of movements in one of the most serene of settings! Stay tuned for a full Yoga At Sea schedule to be revealed closer to the cruise. 


Jenna Bee is thrilled to teach Yoga at Sea this year! She comes to us from Boulder, CO, where she trains with Jam Cruise veteran, Gina Caputo. Jenna beelieves that a yoga practice can be fun and useful anywhere, which has led her to specialize in All Terrain Yoga, and makes her the perfect teacher at sea. If you're looking to keep yourself grounded, even as we float away from the sight of land, bring some stretchy pants and join Jenna in the yoga room aboard Jam Cruise 15. Learn more about Jenna Bee and her signature style at

Jam Cruise 15 will also feature musical accompaniment from...